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  About this website
Original concept: Terry Duggan
Design and construction by Ken Cumberlidge using the following tools:

  • The pure CSS drop-down navigation menu was developed by the brilliant Stu Nicholls
  • Video and mp3 material is delivered by Jeroen Wijering's JW Media Player
  • The PHP Contact form is by Dagon Design
  • Heartfelt thanks to Richard Hallman of Redwing Interactive for making mp3 renaming less of a hassle.
Most importantly, I'd like to thank:

Terry Duggan - for his unwavering trust, support and enthusiasm throughout the whole build process.
Stevie King - for song-title inspirations and testing my fancy re-sizing script to destruction!

Technical Stuff / Reporting bugs
All pages validate to W3C standards for HTML 5 and CSS3 and have been proven for function & appearance in all the commonly used browsers on PC, Mac, Linux and Android. However, If you do come across anything that doesn't seem to work properly, please let me know by email, using this button:
When reporting a problem, it's crucial that you tell me what operating system and web browser you're using - including the EXACT version numbers of each - and what actions caused the problem to appear.

Old versions of Internet Explorer
Every effort has been made to make this site look right and work as well as possible in older Microsoft browsers but, to be frank, if you are still using anything older than IE9 you really are walking up the down escalator of life. IE7 and earlier are hopelessly obsolete: they simply can't understand modern web code.

You can upgrade your version of Internet Explorer by visiting this link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/internet-explorer/download-ie

Mobile Device Compatibility
The site has been designed to work well on Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices, in both landscape and portrait mode: its content re-sizes itself automatically to fit the available screen space.

Audio: - the mp3 player used on our homepage and Audio Archive pages is HTML5 compliant, which means that it will work on the majority of mobile devices.

Video: - Our Video Archives prior to September 2014 are encoded as Flash Video. Unfortunately, most mobile devices have no native support for Flash, so can't play them. Since September 2014, our video archive has been the responsibility of Ernie King, who holds them at his YouTube channel, slomo947. YouTube is HTML5 compliant, so these videos should play on your mobile device.

Scrolling on the iPad: - on nearly every page of this site, the main content is delivered in a scrollable panel underneath the main navigation menu. To scroll this panel, iPad users should use the TWO-FINGER SWIPE:

Known Issues:
  • The Audio Archive pages smell faintly of liver and onions.  Our dedicated technical team are working round the clock to correct the fault. Until the issue is resolved, we recommend that you download THIS TOOL.
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