8:30 - 11:00 EVERY MONDAY
Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club, 2 Harvey Rd E11 3DB
Admission: £2 for jammers / £3 for audience
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Ernie King
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Ernie King
Blues Jam regular and youtube videographer
Are you local?

Yes, have been for 47 years.

Where are you from, originally?

Hitchin, Herts.

What's your tipple?

A decent pint from a pump, or a Guinness.

What's your earliest memory?

Going down the Kingsway Tunnel on a tram, at the age of 4.

What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?

Can't say exactly, but it's a fair bet it was either The Goons or Tommy Steele, on 78.

...and do you still have it?

No. My eldest son, when very young, enjoyed himself one day. Brittle things, 78s!

Any hobbies/interests?

London history, Classic steam, reading (as in books, not the town) and most things mechanical.

Do you remember the very first gig you went to? What was it like?

The first group I saw was The Dave Clark Five at the Bruce Grove Dance Hall in the late 50s. I was 16. It seemed great at the time!

Worst job you've ever had?

Never had a bad one!

What's your claim to fame (not necessarily musical)?

They say that everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame - well mine was more like 15 seconds!

I appeared in a Channel 4 TV film, part of a series of half-hour pieces called "Metroland", to showcase the work of up-and-coming producers. The producer of the one I was in (Metroland 5) lived in St John Street EC1, near the London Charterhouse (remains of a Carthusian monastery). I was a postie back then and the Charterhouse was one of my delivery points for 9 years. I still have the video.

If you could invite 6 people (past, present or fictional) to dinner, Who would you choose?
  • Helen Mirren
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel
  • George and Robert Stephenson
  • Ava Gardner
  • Alan Turing

Could be interesting ??

Been playing/performing long?

I play CDs - does that count?

Been in any bands?

No, not even elastic.

What first got you interested in the Blues?

I'd just begun working at a local factory. A West Indian fella started there, and when we talked music he put me on to Bill Doggett and his 45 single "Honky Tonk" - a great Bluesy instrumental. Then a few years later I got hold of a set of albums - a Time Life collection, mostly of Rock'n'Roll material. The last one in the set was calledd "Roots of Rock'n'Roll", and on there I found tracks by Elmore James, Jackie Brenston, Muddy Waters...

What other types of music do you like to listen to/play?

Classical music, and the really early Blues stuff from the Deep South.

Favourite Blues artists?

Too many to say.

Favourite artists (any other genre) ?

Same again!

Ever been lucky enough to meet or share a stage with one of your musical heroes?

Meeting Joe Brown - I got him to autograph his live album. Still got it, too - look!

Favourite instruments and/or equipment?

A Gibson 335 or a Telecaster.

If you had to sum up your relationship with the Blues using just one word, what would it be?

Couldn't fit it into one word! Lots of feeling.

Who would you pick (past or present) for your dream band?
Most embarrassing moment?

Too many to mention...

Proudest moment!

When my sons and grandchildren were born.

What do you most enjoy about the Blues Jam?

Great atmosphere. And Guinness.

If you could travel back in time to be present at one moment/event in musical history, what would it be?

When Elmore James started playing.

Who would they cast to play you in the movie of your life?

Any young rascal!

Marmite: - Yes or No?

Love it.

If you were invited on "Desert Island Discs", which 8 records would you choose?
  1. Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett
  2. Dust My Broom - Elmore James
  3. Mystery Train - Little Junior Parker
  4. Toccata and Fugue in D minor - J.S. Bach
  5. I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts - Bill Cotton
  6. Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers
  7. The Raspberry Song (aka "Everything's Fresh Today", adapted by Spike Milligan) - The Goons
  8. Clair de Lune (full orchestral version) - Claude Debussy
...and what would be your luxury item?

A hundredweight of Marmite.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Do your research first.

Go on - tell us a secret!

Filling in this questionnaire made me think. Phew!!!